You can now use Paypal to pay for Adwords Campaigns

We got an email alert in our email recently and it spells some good news or at least it makes life easier for those that use google adwords.

If you have been using adwords, the biggest concern was that you could only use credits cards to pay for the adwords.. and paypal was not an option.. Well, now it’s our lucky day!


We’re happy to announce that Google has teamed up with PayPal to help grow your business online. Existing and new AdWords users in Indonesia and Philippines can now make payments for AdWords using PayPal.

PayPal is an online payment transfer system that is well-known and has a lot of users in these countries. We hope that this will be another convenient payment option that makes it easier for companies to advertise with Google AdWords – especially for those are challenged with credit card payments, but find it convenient to pay with PayPal instead.

This payment mode is available for Indonesian accounts with USD billing currency, while in the Philippines, this is available for those whose billing currency is either PHP or USD.

If your agency has new clients who would like to set up an AdWords account and use their PayPal account balance to pay, please call 00-1803-332-4140 for support in Indonesia and 1800-1110-1880 for support in Philippines.

So, good luck to everyone.. happy adwords!

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