Simple Calling Plans and VOIP options for Startups

Startups are usually lean and mean machines.. Staffed by people that do the jobs or 2-5 people in other companies.. Employees in startups usually include the founders themselves that do half of the job for the entire company or knows how to do all the jobs in the company.

Startups rely on a lot of technology to keep their processes going at at lower cost than bigger companies since they need to keep a serious watch on their cash flow…

Telecommunications is a serious part of any startup..Keeping in touch and updated on everything that is happening is probably the most important part in a Startup company…

Here are some Telecommunication options we have discovered in the past.’

In the Philippines.. there are 3 networks you can use for mobile
1. Globe Telecom
2. Smart Communications
3. Sun Cellular which is also owned by Smart which is also owned by PLDT

Other competitors like Bayantel has been bought out by Globe Telecom, Digitel by PLDT,
Telstra is rumored to be coming in the Philippines with the help of San Miguel Corporation

For internet connectivity – check out the paptelco association, which by the way,the big players are also members… some members also offer fixed landline assets.

For basic calls on mobiles… Each telco has their own unli call an text plans in the market.. Globe Telecom also has the service Superduo which assigns a Landline DID or number to a globe sim card so that landline users can call you anytime.. If you are also subscribed to Superduo – you can also make calls to any landline number in your registered area ( eg Manila)… and also call any other Globe number both mobile and fixed as long as you stay in your area…once you go out of your registered area.. the landline or duo number will be inactive.. but you still make calls to any globe mobile number.

Sun Cellular also has a similar plan… PLDT also has a somewhat convoluted program which allows you to take a sim outside manila that can still be called.. better ask PLDT – since someone tried to explain it tome and failed.

For international options, here are some that we already know of..

Viber – has international calls through it viberout option
Libon – a new call and text application backed by Orange Telecom.. also has Libon out features
Problem with both is that it uses your registered number as the caller id when it calls out…. might not be feasible for those that wish to show a different number they use if for example they have a US office.

Skype – skype has pay per go and unli calls… you can also get DID numbers for selected countries.

GOAUTODIAL – this is a Filipino owned company that offers call center solutions at an affordable price on a per seat monthly basis.. It comes complete with a Predictive Dialer, Progressive Dialer, Manual Dialer with a complete host of reporting details, do not call list management, agent management, and a lot more which comes both at Cloud Hosted and Site based options.. You can also set a DID or Caller ID to reflect when you make the calls.

Goautodial VOIP

GlobeTelecom – Globe also offers the International Superduo – same idea as the local superduo but this time you get a DID number from any of the countries they have and lets people from those countries to be able to call in for 3,000 minutes per month at the same local rate for that country.


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